Giving back to US Veterans

Ready Capital is a proud partner with the Military Makeover Series with Montel Williams.

Military Makeover, a television home improvement series on Lifetime TV, focuses on helping US armed forces veterans and celebrates military families' home makeovers across the country.

We proudly support US veterans and those who own small businesses by offering incentives for veteran-owned businesses.


Families we've helped

The Stupar Family

US Army staff sergeant Michael Stupar, served proudly two decades in a military career that saw him deploy 4 times and perform a variety of roles and duties that required immense skills, leadership, bravery and tenacity — including as a Paratrooper and Military Police Officer. Stupar recently retired in 2021, ending a 20-year career decorated with numerous awards, medals and commendations.

The Ziegler Family

Life as a young, married, military couple was challenging for Justin and Kristie, with deployments separating them for long periods. The support they give one another has provided the foundation for a loving family home. We're happy to help provide a “forever home” for two heroic and deserving military veterans.

The Clarke Family

Adam and Kari Clarke found each other recently in life over their shared veteran experience. With the help of Military Makeover, the Clarke family will soon be able to live in their perfect ‘forever home’ with their two sons and three dogs.

The Dingee Family

Michelle Dingee has proven to be a highly adept professional, natural leader and selfless caregiver. Military Makeover is extremely fortunate to be able to offer our token of appreciation for her service by providing Michelle with a memorable home renovation.

The Pryor Family

Joy and Joey Pryor have served a collective 19 years in the military, returning to create a loving home for their family and pets. With the help of Military Makeover and our dedicated partners, the Pryor family will soon be able to call it their ‘forever home’.

The Tabora Family

Jacob Tabora served the United States in Iraq. He completed his degree in criminal justice from University of Texas at San Antonio, met and married his wife, Ceanna, and together they have three children.



Airing on Lifetime TV

The men and women of our military risk everything to protect our country’s freedom and our way of life. Military Makeover seeks to repay them by carrying out a top-to-bottom home renovation for members of our military and their loved ones.

We salute those who have made the ultimate sacrifice by offering our services to help transform the homes and lives of veterans in need.


Giving back to our veterans

As a partner for Military Makeover, we aim to go above and beyond for our veterans. One way we enhance the experience is by ensuring the veteran is treated to enriching activities that help them assimilate back to civilian life.

John_Larsen Landscaping-1

John Moshier

John Moshier serves as the President of Small Business Lending at Ready Capital — bringing nearly 25 years’ lending experience to his role. the past 20 of which have been focused on Small Business Administration (SBA) loan programs.

John Moshier - US Army & Ohio National Guard

"I joined the Army at the age of eighteen to pay for college, and it was one of the most important decisions I’ve ever made in my life. As President of a commercial SBA Lender, I’m now in a position to help others who have sacrificed their time. It is an extreme honor to have served my country.”

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